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Camp Survival Guide 

for Parents

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General Information


Thank you so much for choosing Royal Ridges Retreat (RRR) for the summer! We are very excited to work with your child. Our staff is committed to helping every camper have a safe and memorable summer, full of fun and learning. The most successful campers are those who are prepared for the camp experience. This Parent Manual contains important information about our camp, so please read it carefully and share it with your child. If you need additional information, please contact us at the camp office. We look forward to a great summer!



Royal Ridges Retreat's mission is to provide a fun and safe camping experience for each individual while demonstrating Christian principles in action. Biblical principles are introduced in the context of God's beautiful outdoors. 


RRR welcomes everyone, regardless of religious affiliation, to participate in the experience of our camp.



The camp office will be in communication with you throughout the summer. All outreach will be via email, so it is important that we have a current email address in our database. If you don't receive emails from the office, please contact us ASAP (remember to check junk mail).


Camp Office                                                                       



Physical Address:20115 NE 354th St. Yacolt, WA 98675 

Mailing Address: PO BOX 3010 Battle Ground, WA 98604                                                            

Fax: 360-686-4027


Fall/Winter/Spring Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10 am-3 pm (September-May)

Summer Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7 am-5:30 pm (June-August)


Also, don't forget to check out our camp Facebook page at

Royal Ridges Retreat - Home about some of the fun, cool activities happening while at camp! You can also find information on www.royalridges.org. 



The goal of RRR is to provide campers with a fun and safe experience. We appreciate feedback from families and campers so that we can continue to improve and provide a great program. Our office staff, program director, and executive director are available to discuss camp programs and your child's experience. Please contact us with any feedback, questions, or concerns.


About Our Staff


RRR Camp Staff is carefully screened and selected. Our staff is composed of enthusiastic and energetic individuals who are dedicated to the development and success of children. We are very proud of the fact that the majority of our staff started as campers and have progressed year to year and are now leading other campers. All Senior staff members are trained by the Red Cross in Basic First Aid and CPR and attend formal pre-camp training and orientation. All staff 18+ are screened by CampBackgroundChecks.com. 



At camp, Group Leaders are responsible for directly overseeing our campers. There is a Senior Staff, ages 16 and over, assigned to the group for the week. They travel with the same group of campers from activity to activity, lead Bible Studies, and engage your children in meaningful conversations. Junior staff, ages 14 and over, also help assist where they are needed most. Each area is also assigned a supervisor that is responsible for continuity and supervision of the area activities and staff.



The Program Director is responsible for all program related activities and staff. This person coaches and supports summer staff and resolves any issues with campers and Group Leaders that might arise. 



Our dedicated Office Staff takes care of details that keep the camp working smoothly. They are the main contact for the camp families and are available to answer any questions about registration, camp logistics or can put you in contact with someone if you need even more information. 



The “Camp Nurse” may be an RN, LPN, EMT, or a qualified first responder. This position reviews the medical needs of the campers attending that week and assures that the camper's needs can be met to the satisfaction of the parent or guardian. Supervision of medications, evaluation of sickness, supervision or application of First Aid, and coordination of communication with parents and emergency services (911) reside in this position. 



Our Executive Director is the lead position for all operations, finances, and personnel. All personnel ultimately report to this position. The Executive Director is accountable to the Royal Ridges Board of Directors.  



Our Board of Directors is a policy board acting with one voice. The Board evaluates the performance of the Executive Director and monitors the policies enacted by the board. 


What to Bring...and What to Leave at Home


WHAT TO BRING (please write camper’s name on items)


Packed Lunch and Water Bottle

Closed-Toe Shoes (boots preferred for Day Horse Campers)

Long Pants for Day Horse and Paintball Campers 

Sunscreen and Bug Spray (if desired)

Swimsuit (midriff must be covered) and Towel for Water Games

Change of Clothes

Jacket or sweatshirt (mornings can be chilly)

Face Mask for Bus Transportation (Day Horse Campers will ride the bus up and down the hill each day)

*Campers should wear modest, comfortable, casual clothes. Modest clothing is loose, not tight; concealing, not revealing.  Please keep in mind that campers do get dirty. Do not send expensive clothes, shoes, or jewelry to camp. 



Phones, smartwatches, tablets, or other electronic devices or inappropriate materials.

(Campers are not allowed to use them or to make phone calls when at camp and they may be confiscated if found)


Security and Arrival/Departure Procedures


Your child's safety and security are our foremost concerns. We have policies and procedures in place to provide a safe environment. Parents play an important role in safety and security.

Here's how you can help:



Campers are assigned a flag for drop-off and pick-up. You may view the procedure videos for information on procedures. The gate at the camp will open at 8:30 am for drop-off each day. Please have your camper here by 9:00 am so we can begin our day together. Pick-up begins at 3:30 pm. The buses will load first and depart before the gates open for cars to pick up campers. If your camper is riding the bus, you may view bus pick-up and drop-off times on our website.


Royal Ridges is a closed campus so no visitors are allowed during camp hours. The gate will be closed at the entrance. Please wait there during drop-off and pick-up hours until camp staff are ready to assist with drop-off and pick-up. If you need to visit the office, you may enter the office area and a staff member in the office will be happy to assist you.


If you would like to pick up your camper early or have a change in transportation plans for the day, please call the office with the information so we can have your camper at the office for early pick-up or relay the transportation changes to the correct person.


It is VERY important that if your child is riding a bus to any of our day camps that they wear their colored bracelet each and every day while attending camp. We will put the child on their bus every day at the end of the camp according to their bracelet. If there will be a change in pick up, please call the office or write a note to the bus driver and give him/her that change in the AM. If the child says someone will be picking them up at camp, but we have no proof, then we will be sending that child on the bus as usual. 


When picking up a child early from any camp, you can come to the office, and we will have you fill out a Camper Release Form. If your child normally rides the bus, but you are picking them up at camp yourself, please call the office first to let them know so we can have your camper ready for you when you arrive. 


Thank you in advance for helping the camp be safe and secure. 



If you signed up your camper to ride a bus, please refer to the bus stop schedule at Bus Transportation for updated times. Your child will be required to wear a bus bracelet the entire week, and you will need to sign them out when picking them up in the afternoon at their designated bus stop. You must call the office for any pick-up or drop-off changes.


Remember the times listed are DEPARTURE times. Please arrive at your location 10 MINUTES PRIOR to the posted DEPARTURE time. 


If running late for a bus pick up, the bus driver will not wait and will proceed to the next stop. Your best option is to CALL THE OFFICE TO DETERMINE WHERE THE LAST STOP IS FOR YOUR CHILD'S BUS AND MEET THEM THERE. 


There will be someone in the office until ALL children are picked up. The office will aid in and coordinate communication between you and the bus driver. 


Any child left at the camp 10 minutes after the designated pick up time OR any child still on the bus at the last stop 10 minutes after the latter of:

a)The arrival of the bus at the last stop or

b)The scheduled arrival time of the bus at the last stop will be charged a fee of $1.00 per minute or $60.00 per hour from that grace time until the child is picked up. 



If your child is absent from camp for any reason, please call the camp office at 360-686-3737 or email registrations@royalridges.org as soon as possible so we are aware. 


If you plan on picking your child up early, please call the camp office, and his/her group leader will escort them to the office, so they are ready for you. 


You must come to the office for all early pickups and fill out an Early Release Camper Form. 


Health & Safety


Bumps and tumbles are not uncommon while at camp. Should anything unusual happen throughout the time that your child is attending camp, staff will care for minor injuries with ice, soap, water, and Band-Aids, and of course, TLC (tender loving care) will always be provided. We are also prepared to handle more significant accidents and emergencies should they arise. All Senior Staff are CPR and First Aid Certified. Our Camp Nurse is available to talk to you during camp hours regarding any health issues or concerns that arise. Should there be an emergency, we will make every effort to contact parents/guardians or emergency contacts after appropriate measures are taken. 



One of the great joys of summer camp is the opportunity to play outside, get dirty, and have fun. In fact, some of the best times at camp come when campers are dirty, muddy, wet, or sweaty. At the same time, our staff recognizes that it is imperative to maintain high levels of personal hygiene. Our staff encourages all campers to wash their hands before eating, after using the restroom, and after touching any animals. Hand sanitizer is welcomed as well!


Please keep your child at home if he/she:

  • Has a fever of 100 degrees or higher or has had one within the previous 24 hours.

  • Is vomiting or has diarrhea.

  • Has redness of the eye, obvious discharge, matted eyelashes, burning and/or itching. 

  • Has symptoms of communicable disease.

  • Is unusually lethargic or tired or “not him/herself.” 


If a child does not feel well enough to participate in the activities of the day, parents will be called to pick up the child. If your child is ill and will not be at camp, please notify the camp office as soon as possible. We ask the parents to notify the camp office of any communicable disease a child has, such as chickenpox, lice, measles, etc., so that we may notify other parents. Please be considerate of others; we need to keep in mind the health and well-being of our entire camp community. 



Any participant must have completed the online liability/medical form upon registration. 

If this form is not filled out prior to camp starting, your child will not be able to participate in activities until it is completed.


RRR does not provide accident or health insurance for campers. It is the parent's responsibility to take care of all fees and charges related to health care. 



If your camper has any medications that will need to be dispensed while at camp, they must be delivered to the office or to a supervisor or bus driver in a ziplock bag clearly marked with the camper's name and directions for dispensing. All medications and procedures will need to be noted on the health form upon registration. Changes can be made through the camper’s account if needed. 


Important: For campers in need of prescription drugs, please bring only the amount of pills they will need for their time at camp. For example, if your campers need one pill each morning, please bring only 5 pills. Prescription drugs must be brought to camp in the bottle they were provided in, stating the name of the drug, dosage, and the name of the camper. Royal Ridges will not accept any medication without the bottle it was provided in.


Emergency medications, such as EpiPens, glucose/glucagon, or an inhaler, will be with your camper or your camper’s Group Leader at all times unless you note otherwise on the health form.  Medications remaining when camp is finished will be returned as you have directed on the medical form. Medications will be held in the office until September 1st. They will then be properly disposed of if left unclaimed. 


Other Helpful Information



We have two Camp Store locations: one at lower camp and one at upper camp. Each individual group will usually visit the Camp Store daily. We have a large variety of things, including snacks, pop, water, candy, buttons, shirts & sweatshirts, as well as various merchandise. Campers are no longer allowed to pay with cash and must have a store card purchased through the office. There is a link online and in your camper registration email for you to purchase a store card.  If you have any type of restrictions ($1 per day or only 1 candy/pop per day), please let the office know, and we will note it on the Store Card. The camp store is not open during drop-off and pick-up times for parents. 


Unspent camp store money will not roll over to the next week and will not be refunded. Leftover camp store money will be transferred to the scholarship fund.



Each camp is split up into age-appropriate groups and then split into smaller groups within the camp. Please only sign up your camper within the age designations permitted in the descriptions. We have overlapped some age groups to allow for more friends. We will no longer be grouping campers on our end based on requests as we have a new online registration system that allows you to register for your chosen group ahead of time. Collaborate with your friends to sign up for the same camp and be sure to pick the same group to guarantee they will be together. As camps fill up closer to summer, you may find groups filling up so plan ahead if you have multiple friends you would like your camper to attend with. 



Rain and heat won't spoil our fun at camp! We will operate rain or shine, but you can help your child stay comfortable by sending the appropriate attire and additional layers. We only suspend activities if there is thunder and lightning or extreme heat and will then proceed to move the children to a safe place and major activities will be rescheduled. Light rain gear is highly recommended for rainy days (a pocket poncho works great, just not around the horses for safety). A regular raincoat is the best way to go, especially for horse camps!



Royal Ridges staff will be taking a group photo during the week and will send you an email copy by the end of the following week. If you do not receive an email from us with your photo by the end of the week following your camper’s time here, please contact us and we will send it again. Day Horse campers will also receive a link to view a short video of their riding.



Royal Ridges cannot assume responsibility for lost or damaged items. If your camper has lost an item, you may visit the lost and found during drop-off or pick-up. The lost and found is located across from the camp store near the bathrooms. Lost and found items will be held until September 15th. You are welcome to come and claim your items up until then. After September 15th, we will donate all unclaimed items to a family in need, sell them, and use the money towards the scholarship fund or donate them to a local charity.  Remember that it helps to reconnect items with their owner if a name is on the item. 

Please label your camper's possessions. 


Terms and Conditions



A 35% deposit is required to hold your camper’s space. Deposits are non-refundable. If you need to cancel your week altogether and not change it to a different week, you will be refunded, minus the 35% non-refundable deposit. 



If for any reason, Royal Ridges chooses to or needs to comply with a state or local government shut down of our operations due to communicable diseases, excessive weather conditions, fire, & other natural disasters, then we will refund all camper funds minus a 10% service fee for charges incurred for electronic refunds or checks. 



At registration, a payment of at least 35% of the total cost will be required to hold the camper's spot.  The remaining balance must be paid on or before the first day of camp. You can pay your remaining balance online, over the phone, or in the office with a check, cash, or credit card. 



We understand that parent and family schedules can change quickly during the summer and because of this, enrollment changes are an inevitable part of camp programming. At the same time, they pose challenges for staffing, supervision, supplies, and office systems. Changing weeks in advance of the start of camp will incur a $5 office fee per child per camp change. If you must change weeks, please consider other campers who may be on the waitlist for that camp.



Royal Ridges does not pro-rate camps or activities for days that campers miss. If a camper cannot attend for part of a day, a full day, or multiple days, there will be no refund. The same also applies to bus transportation. If your camper misses any bus rides, we do not pro-rate. 


Any deviation from the policies listed here must be approved in writing by the Executive Director of RRR. 



Royal Ridges is dedicated to providing every camper with a positive summer experience. As such, we have community standards and expectations for behavior to which all camp participants must agree. 

Please review these policies and rules with your child before he/she arrives. 


When a camper breaks a rule, a staff member will address the situation directly and promptly by clarifying expectations for the rules and suggesting appropriate behaviors. With recurring or persistent misbehavior, staff will involve camp supervisors and our program director. Once the program director is involved, the parents may be notified through email or phone calls to discuss the issue and create a plan to resolve it. Royal Ridges reserves the right to dismiss any camper whose behavior is deemed inappropriate. It is also important to note that some “zero-tolerance” behaviors may result in immediate expulsion. If a camper is expelled, there is no refund. 


Royal Ridges expects that campers will:

  • Follow the rules that staff set out for each activity, area, or project.

  • Be honest and respectful in actions and words to all other campers and staff.

  • Keep their hands to themselves and respect others' personal space.

  • Do their part to keep camp clean and orderly.

  • Stay with their group and notify staff when they need to leave the group.

  • Be a positive and active participant in all camp activities to the best of their ability.


RRR has a zero-tolerance policy of the following:

  • Any behavior that disrupts or interferes with others' ability to enjoy camp.

  • Bullying, fighting, hazing, or physical aggression.

  • Negative or hateful speech or language of any kind, as well as harassment.

  • Theft or vandalism of any kind.

  • Possession of controlled substance, weapon/knives/firearms, or other contraband.


Campers are responsible for complying with this behavior policy. 



All camps are first-come, first-served. When a camp fills, the website space will report this. If a space opens up and you have requested to be waitlisted, then you will be notified. The space will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. 



Royal Ridges offers scholarships to anyone who is in need of support for their camper to attend any one of our camps. We know the power and importance that camp can have, and we want to extend the opportunity to others. Royal Ridges does grant partial and full scholarships. However, we have limited funds, so please make a request of what you truly need, and we will do our best to provide that amount in scholarships. Not all scholarship requests will be approved. 


For any questions, please email registrations@royalridges.org or call 360-686-3737



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