Horse Programs



There is something for every horse lover at the Royal Ridges barn. Whether you are wanting to take lessons, groom a horse, learn how to train a horse, or go on a relaxing trail ride... you came to the right place.

We offer riding lessons starting at ages 4 and up. Youngsters can attend classes to learn more about horses as they work with them. There is the adopt-a-horse program for those who love to groom, train, and ride horses, but don't have room at home to keep one.  Or if you prefer something more relaxing, groups of five or more can schedule a guided trail ride with beautiful scenery and glimpses of Mount St. Helens.


Horsemanship Riding Lessons

Beginning group classes, private and semi-private lessons available

Roy's Christian Riders

Apprentices, Youth Interns, & Instructor Program
Learn how to care for horses, ground work horses, be trained to become summer staff and volunteer to earn arena ride time

Horses & Hot Chocolate

Jesus ~ Horses ~ Mounted Games ~ Friends ~ Hot Chocolate

Horse Care Program

Adopt-a-Horse, Foster-a-Horse, Sponsor-a-Horse, Horse Wish List

Horse Volunteer Programs

Help us care for horses and earn arena ride time

Horse Donation

We accept safe, usable & healthy horses

Trail Rides

Available September through May
No trail rides on Sundays