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There is something for every horse lover at the Royal Ridges barn. Whether you are wanting to take lessons, groom a horse or go on a relaxing trail ride... you came to the right place.

Do you and your family members desire to learn how to care for a horse so that you may be able to own one someday? Do you just want to spend some time with the horses and help Royal Ridges with care for the herd? Get the opportunity to learn more about horses and spend time with them without the stress and responsibility of taking a horse home. With the Adopt-a-horse program, your family will assist with care and feeding of the herd
 and get to ride as a family one time per month. 


Program times are Mondays 4:30-6:30 pm starting in September and continue through the end of May. 

The cost of $175 per month covers the care of one of our program horses and provides the opportunity for your family to participate in horse care and some riding time. Please contact us for more information on this opportunity.


For any horse related questions: Please email chrisy@royalridges.org