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We need your help! During the winter months, we have about 35 horses to care for, school and exercise. To optimize our horse's care, we are looking for some volunteers to come along side and help us with our four-legged friends. This opportunity is available September through May, once or twice a week, depending on your availability.

  Level 1  : Care

  • Grooming
  • Walking In-Hand

The care for the horse includes a full body groom. This includes checking the body over for injuries and scrapes. The caretaker may also hand walk the horse in the arena or near the barn.



  • Complete Horse 101 Class
  • Must be supervised by 18+ year old
  • Ages 8 and older

Level 2: Ground Instruction + Care

  • Round Pen
  • Parelli Games

Participants will start out with a series of instructions by barn staff in the round pen and the seven Parelli games. It is highly recommended, but not required that once an individual commits to working with a horse at this level, that they continue with the same horse for at least a month.


  • Have a knowledgeable understanding of horse communication
  • Work safely around horses, at all times
  • Must have Royal Ridges barn staff nearby
  • Ages 12 and older


Level 1 participants will be assigned a different horse each time they come depending on the need of the horses. For level 2, participants will keep the same horse each month. All horse assignments and participant levels are finalized by Royal Ridges barn staff.  

Log of time and interaction:

Participants will keep a log of hours and what they did during their time with the horse. Injuries or other health concerns will be reported on a horse care log in the barn that is checked daily by the barn manager.

To get involved in this program, please fill out this form: Adopt & Foster-a-horse Programs

For questions about this program, call 360-686-3737.