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Horse Wish List

Horses are a great blessing to Royal Ridges Retreat. As part of the Horse Care Program, the areas we have listed below will help us continue to operate safely and efficiently, as well as expand our facilities. Will you bless us with your financial gifts to one of the four categories listed below?

You choose into which category you want your donated funds to be spent and how much between $25-$1000. Give as many times throughout the year as you wish. All gifts will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

If you are interested in providing support directly to one of the horses, please visit the Sponsor-a-Horse page. Thank you so much for providing your financial support to the horse department. God bless you!

Category Descriptions:

Barn Maintenance
(fences, gates, stalls, walls, electrical, etc.)

(grooming tools, saddles, bits, halters, etc.)

Barn Supplies
(feed tubs, water buckets, manure forks, etc.)

(new arenas, barn additions, warm water wash stall area, etc.)


Click below on the category you want, then choose your amount as you checkout: