Heaven's Helpers

Heaven’s Helpers is an Experiential Ministry.



Using the horse as a tool for ministry, our goal is to give additional support in navigating life’s trials. This is done through the horses, spiritual assistance, caring individuals, as well as a place for retreat and reflection. The atmosphere at Royal Ridges Retreat provides a safe place in God’s creation away from the distractions of life.


Some of life’s trials may include: fearful riders, depression, divorce/separation, children in split families, medical stress, abuse, emotional trauma of all sorts.


The intent is to serve participants for a minimum of three months and up to six months, but you may participate longer if needed. Sessions are one hour in length, and may be mounted or unmounted as directed by Royal Ridges staff. Prior horse experience is not necessary.


The first month is offered free of charge. Each month thereafter is $100 ($25 per session). As an alternative, if needed, the participant may volunteer three hours per session, or twelve hours per month. If the three months minimum is not met, the participant will be asked to pay for their past involved time.

Your pastor, counselor or therapist is welcome to attend sessions with you.

Heaven’s Helpers is available to ages 8-99.

3-Month Program Structure:

  • 1st Month: Establishing Trust
  • 2nd Month: Building Confidence
  • 3rd Month: Strengthening Faith

To be accepted into the program, each participant must complete:

1. Application Form

2. Liability Form

3. Reference Form

4. Interview with Royal Ridges staff


Need 2 reference forms per applicant: Pastor/Christian worker; therapist/counselor; and/or a close friend.



For questions about this ministry and sign up for sessions, please email Heavens Helpers.

Please do not purchase sessions, until you have been received a confirmation from Daisy to do so.