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Family Discounts


Family Discounts may be claimed if:

1) A family sends more than one child to camp.

2) A family sends one child to more than one week of camp.

3) Purchasing multiple camps on the same order/same day.

NOTE:  Discounts may only be used on full priced camps starting May 1st, 2021. 

You may register online and pay the deposit to reserve your week. 

The office will apply the discounts and email you a balance due that reflects the discounts.

*First camp will be regular price - the second and subsequent camps will have the discount applied.*

Day Camps:

       Day Camp                                   $5 OFF  

       Day Adventure Camp             $10 OFF             

       Paintball Day Camp                $15 OFF               

       Day Horse Camp                     $15 OFF             


Resident Camps

      Horsemanship Camp               $25 OFF  

        Adventure Camp                     $20 OFF                


Bus Discount

This is a transportation discount for families with multiple children on the same bus during the same week.  It does not apply to multiple weeks for a single camper.

The bus discount applies regardless of the price paid for the camps.


Bus Discount         $15 OFF