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Challenge Course


Looking for a place to host team building activities for your corporation, a bonding opportunity for your youth group, take a field trip from school or wanting to spice up your next family reunion? Well look no farther then the challenge course at Royal Ridges Retreat.

We offer a high ropes course, low ropes elements and a rock wall. Perfect for building unity within your group or entertaining your sense of adventure. Our trained staff will facilitate your group's needs.

Rock Wall

Climb to the top and ring the cow bell or make it as far as you can. The rock wall is 40 feet tall and has two routes to conquer. Climb for speed or climb blindfolded to mix it up.

High Ropes

Challenge yourself while 25 feet in air! Great for those who want an extra aspect of adventure. Our trained staff will find a way to make the course challenging for anyone. Ten high adventure elements round out our course that ends with an exhilarating zip line. 

Low Ropes

A perfect team building activity for those who like to keep their feet close to the ground. Our low ropes are designed to build team work, communication, problem solving, trust and leadership.

We offer 9 different elements including: the spider web, nitro crossing, giant's finger, tilt table, hole in space, mohawk walk, swings, v-walk and the log. We select your elements based on group size, physical ability and group objectives.

Big Swing 

The Big Swing is located on our upper property. It is a large swing attached to two trees and once the participants are harnessed in, they sit on the swing, then swing out over a small valley. We have two staff members who facilitate the activity, doing safety checks on all harnesses and also catch the participants as they swing back to the edge of the hill. All participants and facilitators are harnessed in. 


Low Ropes        $20/person for 3 elements (Plan for 1.5+ hours)

                            $5/person for additional elements

High Ropes       $30/person (Plan for 2-3 hours)

Minimum group size for high ropes and low ropes is 15 people

**High Ropes participants must be 12 years of age or meet the height requirements**


Rock Wall          $10/person (Plan for 1-1.5 hours)

Big Swing          $5/person   (Plan on 45 mins.-1 hour)

Minimum group size for rock wall and big swing is 10 people


To schedule your adventure, call 360-686-3737, or email horses@royalridges.org