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Purchase your camper a Store Card that will be kept in our Snack Shack for the week your camper is here!

Every camp has a Snack Shack break every day of every week! We have ice cream, soda, water, candy, lots of snacks, buttons and t-shirts just to name a few fun things! 

Snacks and soda - $1.00  each


Souvenir Items

CAMP STORE: The Camp Store will accept cash or Camp Store Cards for purchases. Campers are allowed to carry their own money, however, Camp Store Cards are highly recommended and kept in the store at all times. RRR is not responsible for any cash in the possession of campers. REMEMBER: Unspent store card balances ARE NOT refunded. Balances will go directly to the Camp Scholarship Fund at the end of each week. No carry-over balances.