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2021 Girl Scouts


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What your special Girl Scout Badge Time will look like:


Arrival - Safety Orientation

Step 1: Basics of horse riding. Learn about riding lingo, riding attire, and basic equipment for riding and working with horses.

Step 2: Care and safety. Clean some manure, take a peek at the feed area, learn how to groom and lead a horse.

Step 3: Prepare for your ride. Learn how to saddle and unsaddle a horse as well as basic riding safety and procedures.

Step 4: Ride a horse in the arena. Learn how to mount properly, how to hold your reins, sit with good posture, ask a horse to walk, stop and turn.

Unsaddle and clean up


Minimum $500 to book.

$65 per Scout

$45 per Adult rider 


If you would like to book a special day for your Girl Scout Troop, please email Chrisy at programs@royalridges.org