Volunteer Program


Horse Volunteer Opportunities

Many opportunities are available to keep the facility running smoothly. Each opportunity is available based on Volunteer Level and availability.  


Volunteer Days

Sign up to help on the scheduled volunteer days.  Depending on needs, you may be helping with stable chores, feeding, herd health or camp maintenance. 


Youth Intern

For the experienced volunteer desiring more in the program with horses. Focus on horse health and schooling to expand your knowledge and expertise around horses.  Also work on how to spread your knowledge through helping with groups and teaching others.


  • Level 3 or higher volunteer

  • At least 13 years of age.

  • Responsibility and indepenence required.

  • At least 2 hours a week volunteer work required plus at least one event weekend a month.


Volunteer Levels

As you learn and develop more experience, work your way through the system and increase your independence and responsibility.


Supervision Requirements

Supervision requirements and available times to volunteer depend on your experience and earned volunteer level.


Level 1- Introduction Level

New to RRR programs? Gain basic experience and help supervisors complete volunteer work. Must be supervised by level 4 volunteer or higher at all times.


Level 2- Building Blocks

Provide assistance to staff with some level of experience and confidence. Must be supervised by level 4 volunteer or higher.


Level 3- Intermediary

As your experience grows, develop leadership skills and responsibilities.


Level 4- Mastery

Now that you have gained the experience and independence, work independently and supervise others.




To apply, fill out the following feedback form: Year-Round Volunteer Application