Scholarships & Financial Aid


Royal Ridges believes that every youth that wants to attend camp can accomplish that goal. Some do odd jobs for the family/friends/neighbors, there are church scholarships, civic organization scholarships, family member support, friends who believe in summer camps, etc.

**All Requests Must be Received Prior to MAY 1, 2019 for the 2019 Summer** 

Royal Ridges does grant financial aid. However, we too rely on donations and have limited funds to help those who need it most. Please respect this and make RRR the last person you request assistance from rather than the first. We do encourage you to email us and tell us your need. We will respectfully consider requests which contain the following:

          1) Why you are requesting aid.

          2) What  your child/camper has done or is doing financially to earn their way to camp.

          3) What you as a parent/guardian are doing or have done to raise funds.

          4) Lists of family/friends contacted and the response obtained.

          5) Civic organization and/or Churches you have requested funds from and their response.

          6) The specific amount of financial aid you need.

As a guideline, we prefer to help 10 campers and $10 each rather than 2 campers and $50 or 1 camper at $100. We will do our best to help in someway. It works best for everyone if we can help each other and at the same time help others.




The following scholarships have been designed to accomplish that goal. 


Scholarship/Mission Rides


Old/New Scholarships