Purchase Summer Camps

To sign up for a camp/activity there are 3 steps that must be completed:

1) Register for camp (Summer Camps Menu then Register Online)

2) You must then purchase a camp (Click on one of the links below)

3) Complete the Smart Waivers (See Medical/Liability Forms tab to the left)


Request of Friend/Cabin Partner:

We can only guarantee ONE friend even if the request is for more than one. We will NOT honor the chaining of multiple campers (meaning #1 requests #2, #2 requests #3, etc). You must complete the Online Registration Form that is found on the website (http://www.royalridges.upcsites.org/registration_summer.html) which has the proper place for requesting a friend/cabin partner.


Changing groups on Sunday (during Open House) or on the first day of camp will not be allowed. 


Traditional Day Camps 

               OverNight Blast

               Bus Transportation

Day Adventure Camps  

               OverNight Blast

               Bus Transportation

Day Horse Camps  

               OverNight Blast

               Bus Transportation

Day Paintball Camps  

               Bus Transportation             

Resident Horse Camps (6 Days & 6 Nights)

             1 JR Co-Ed Week (Tuesday-Saturday)

                8 JR. Girl's Weeks

                6 SR. Girl's Weeks

Resident Adventure Camps (6 Days & 6 Nights)

                  4 JR Weeks  

                   4 SR Weeks