Horses & Hot Chocolate

Jesus ~ Horses ~ Mounted Games ~ Friends ~ Hot Chocolate 

When: Fall, Winter and Spring: September through May. On select Saturdays, once or twice a month, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Requirements: Must be able to control your horse at least at a walk and trot, have a good riding seat, as well as groom and tack independently.

Minimum age:
12 years old and up.

         Limited to 8 participants per day (ground volunteers always welcome)

                $25.00 per participant per day (or 8 hours of volunteering)

What to expect:
Horse & team assignments. Groom and tack. Jesus time
and hot chocolate. Set-up arena and warm-up horses.

One hour mounted games. Clean up and feed herd.

To sign-up, contact: Daisy by email or call 360.686.3737


Teamwork, Accuracy, Competitiveness, Agility, Concentration, Celebration, Sportsmanship

History of Mounted Games:

Mounted Games is an equestrian sport where participants compete in teams, pairs, and individuals through obstacle type relay races. There are 31 different races in all. The sport requires athleticism, hand/eye coordination, and a well-trained/athletic mount. This increasingly popular sport was first played in India by the British Army Soldiers. The returning military brought the games back to England where they gained popularity with the Pony Club Members. H.R.H. Prince Phillip brought the games to the Horse of the Year show in 1957 as a way for children to participate without expensive or well-bred mounts.

It is now played in over 20 countries. In the United States, it is mostly known on the Eastern coast with competitions happening in Florida up to Kentucky. Men, women, boys and girls of all ages can play, and any breed, shape or color is permitted, as long as the horse is shorter than 15 hands. The best horses to use are those who are fast, agile and love to run.

A team consists of 5 riders and 5 horses, with four running in each event. Any time equipment in the playing field is knocked off its position, the rider must replace it to avoid elimination.

Mounted Games competitions take place in America, Wales, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Germany, France, and Canada... just to name a few.